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* Imagination Boutique is strictly "Safe for Work". That about covers it. If your idea for a commission is in a gray area and you are not sure if I would accept it, please ask me before filling out a form!


* I accept PayPal only for commissions. You will be sent an invoice if your commission idea is approved, and payment of the invoice is agreement to all terms.

* No work is started until 100% payment is made unless otherwise agreed upon. In cases such as this, those terms will be in the notes of your invoice.

* DO NOT send me money for a commission until you are sent an invoice. This is to protect both you and myself. Any money sent to me that is not in an invoice is considered a donation.

*If any significant changes are requested near the end of the commission process, you may be sent an additional invoice for these changes. The only exception is if it's something that I missed (character markings, for example).

*If any changes are requested that would bump up your commission tier (adding a background, going from a headshot patch to something more complex), you will be sent an additional invoice for these changes.


I will provide refunds under these terms:

* Commissioner changes their mind before any work is started / materials are bought. The commissioner will be notified when work is about to start on their commission. This includes late planning stages for bigger projects! Once it gets to that point, refunds are no longer guaranteed. Please ask for a cancellation refund as SOON as possible if it is needed, otherwise you are at risk for not getting all (or any) of your money back


* I change my mind, or am unable to complete the work. I may refund you at any time if I need to drop the commission for any reason. Including but not limited to: Emergencies, schedule conflict, etc. Partial refunds may be given if some work has been completed but I cannot finish the project. (i.e. sketch has been completed but you paid for a full color piece).


1. Fill out a commission form in as much detail as possible.

You will be asked to fill out a form that asks what type of commission you want, references for your character(s), contact info, etc. Please be as detailed as possible when filling this out. Any details not specified may be decided by me. (For example, if you ask for a "shy pose" but are not specific as to what this means, I may interpret this however I see fit for the project. Another example, if you ask me to make you a "dark blue fox tail", but to not provide details on shape or size, I may need to take liberties on what would be best for the project)

2. Commission acceptance + invoice sent!

If I have decided that I would like to accept your commission, I will send you an email with a final price and confirm any details that I have questions on. I will also send an invoice your way shortly after. You have 24 hours to pay your invoice (Unless you contact me and we agree upon something else) before you may lose your spot!

If I do not accept your idea, but I open for commissions again, you have to submit another form. I do not keep old forms that I do not accept.

3. You are added to my queue, and will be updated when your turn is next!

Once the invoice is paid and the communication has happened, you are officially added to my queue! You will be notified when your project is next. THIS IS THE POINT OF NO RETURN. ONCE WORK HAS STARTED OR MATERIALS HAVE BEEN PURCHASED, YOU WILL MORE THAN LIKELY NOT BE ABLE TO GET A REFUND BACK. PLEASE SEE THE ABOVE "REFUNDS" SECTION OF THIS AGREEMENT FOR INFO ON THIS.

4. I will provide WIPS (Works in progress) for your review and approval when applicable.
I will provide sketches of the project for the review of the commissioner. This is your chance to ask for any reasonable changes. Any major changes, or changes that require me to buy new materials may require an additional fee and a separate invoice.

Not all projects will get WIPS! For example, if you ask me to make one of my patches, but in different colors.... you will not get a WIP. You already reasonably know what the final product will look like. WIPS are usually reserved for fully custom projects or for illustrations.
I will take every step to be sure we are on the same page about a project, WIPs or not.

5. Finished + Shipping (when applicable).
Your commission is complete! At this point you will be emailed images of your commission and I will post it on social media for promotional purposes.
If applicable, this is also when I will ship your item. You will be provided a tracking number


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